Bug report: Air vent lock doors close on knife zealot

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You know the map where you turn off the alarm, if you sprint, the doors close on you, forcing you to die and be rescued.

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

The mission you mean is the Archivum Sycorax. The location is the Alarm phase/ 2nd map section.

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“Air vent lock doors close on knife zealot”

I dont see the problem here, just knife Zealot getting what they deserve!

Only kidding

Honestly, I really am only kidding! I dont actually have a problem with whatever way people play so long as its for the benefit of the team, I just couldnt resist, sry :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get stuck there as other classes too. Scrier’s + saber, bullrush + cleaver, close and kill + movement speed + knife. Scrier’s + disrupt destiny is the ultimate in speed, but you have to actually avoid getting hit so all knife zombies avoid it like the plague.

The doors closing is entirely predictable.

The fix should be to always kill the player instead of getting them stuck sometimes.

Getting killed by those doors is not an issue. What else should happen if you get smushed between those doors?