Bots still refusing to pick up downed players

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Bots just won’t pick up a downed player. I wish this was like #1 on their priority list as i see them run around trying to figure out what their priority is. If the player is down that should automatically erase everything else the bot has seen and make them B-line it (even teleport) to the player and revive them. Because there is no game to be played without the player. The bots may think it’s logical to leave the player downed but there’s literally no point to watching bots play so can we just make that their priority?

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

Get downed.
Watch bots scramble to die but never pick the player up (or even attempt)

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Often (<75%)

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PC - Steam


I find it to happen specially with the grail knight and the sister of the thorn, where they just stand there holding there ultimates.

Seconding this bug report, on PS4 and it’s happening with alarming regularity

I find it’s especially bad when there’s a monster anywhere on the map or when you’re on Globadiers gas

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