Bolter crit?

Can the bolter crit?

I’ve seen multiple posts stating that it cant, but I’ve had a few with a crit blessing.


i believe it can, but it should tell you in the details if it can or not. Only weapon i heard could not crit is flamers.

In testing, no it cannot. I have Tier 3 “Surgical” talent on mine (gives +4% crit chance when ADS - stacks five times).

I ADS’d against Heresy Crusher in Psykanium for 95 rounds from 15 meters (with stagger from rounds, killshot was at 19 meters). Zero crits.

I mag dumped without ADS from 5 meters for 95 rounds. Zero crits.

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After talking with some folks on Reddit and more testing, the Bolter is critting, it’s just the numbers appear white and there is no audio queue for the crit. Hope that helps.

beat me to it. the numbers don’t lie… The colors do though. :slight_smile: