Blood in the Darkness Static Rats

I’d like to report a minor bug when some rats get frozen in ritual area of Blood in the Darkness. It’s been in the game since the map release, doesn’t really affect anything, but it’s here.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Blood in the Darkness.
  2. Have a horde right before the final event.
  3. Proceed to the ritual area.
  4. See static rats in the pool.

Here’s the video (a little corrupted, sorry):

P.S. The real question is if this is the only place where mobs get stuck. Can it be that there are multiple places like that, and if endless horde bug shows up when a beastman freezes in one of them?

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It’s not just on this map. It also occurs on other maps and even on Weaves I’ve already seen it. It is very random.

Don’t know about other spots and maps, but this one is not random.
Get Blood in the Darkness, get horde before finale and you’ll see this bug happening, 100% guarantee.

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