Beta How? (for fatshark)

As I said, I have heard a dev stated on their Discord server it was the press build. That’s all I have to go on. They could easily answer this question though…

I dont understand why they dont say anything since its quite a bad press to be honest

Silence and letting the product speak for itself isn’t unusual for software companies. Still, they know how triggered their community can get, and they have a community manager. Were I them…I’d read the forum and its general tone and make a post to clear some things up. But that may not be their call to make. Sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything from management’s perspective.

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With the final beta coming up very soon, there’s not doubt that this time we’re gonna get the final launch build. That beta’s only purpose is most likely going to be looking for crashes, bugs, and to generate some hype, because in just two weeks there’s literally no time to fix anything other than the worse technical issues.

We’ll definitely see then if our concerns were warranted or not… I don’t really expect to see any changes related to our feedback in Beta1, except maybe stuff that only requires changing a number in a config file.

If there’s no weapon testing chamber by release at the latest…I’m going to be forced to assume that they’re way behind and the full DT experience is still ~6 months to a year away.

Anyone can pick a feature to base that whole assumption on. For other people, it’s probably 4 classes. For me, the weapon testing chamber feels like such a critical part of the whole class/weapon-based gameplay of every game, that if it’s missing it signals they were just trying to get the basics right before even dealing with the “easy” stuff. (Air quotes because most people underestimate the actual work it takes.)


Weapon testing grounds are especially important in a game where weapon stats are as meaningless as in DT.

There’s just more to it than that. I think it’s alarming they haven’t been looking at what modders were adding to VT2 in order to give it longevity, because make no mistake, if modders weren’t a thing in VT2 it would’ve been long dead.

I’m not so sure about that.
The mods that many people use mostly “just” change the HUD a bit.
I’m not saying the mods are bad, but the range of mods fatshark was willing to sanction was very limited.

Darktide doesn’t have to be exactly like vermintide.
Some things are slower and kinda sluggish like the weapon switch and stuff.
Whatever, that’s just how it is or it may get changed.

I’m a bit disappointed because:

  • No 4 player lobby anymore apparently ( before game start, like the keep ) just the hub world
  • No lobby browser, I guess ( let alone with filter “not yet started” which I hoped for )
  • Groups are split up by default after one game ( especially if you lose nobody probably gonna vote to keep the group )
  • No scoreboard ( Which negatively affects longevity for me )

I feel like there might not be much of a motivation for me to continue playing after a while.
That’s how I felt like with back 4 blood.

I can unlock skins or whatever to show I beat it on this difficulty.
But I can’t tell if I’m really doing progressively better or if it’s all just down to luck with the team.

Sometimes I play rounds that are butter smooth sometimes it’s a horrible train wreck.
And I don’t know who does what damage and so on.
So, it’s like well we just lost, I guess. I hope it wasn’t me.
And then you can’t even try again and get used to the teams playstyle because they’re gone after one round.

Well, back 4 blood has many other problems as well.
But I abandoned it and just went back to vermintide 2.
And I feel like that might happen here as well.

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