Bardin's handguns's flintlock is floating above the gun in first person

Issue Summary:
Any Bardin’s handgun has a floating flintlock in first person(refer to screenshot below). It’s not caused by mods or display settings, I checked by removing all mods and switching from lowest to highest settings. It also happens in first person only: in inventory, in 3rd person view(by pressing “X” by default) and in “armory” mod the model doesn’t have this issue.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Switch to Bardin.
  2. Equip any handgun.
  3. Press ADS button to see the bug (RMB by default).

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


DxDiag.txt (24.7 KB)

console-2019-02-10-09.34.24-5ECCD29B-6764-4693-BDE8-C385.log (92.7 KB)

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It does this on PS4 as well.

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