Bardin Ranger Veteran Crash to Desktop after using Disengage in Bridge of Shadows


The game Crashed To Desktop at the point of time, when usually the Loading Screen would pop up.

I had the problem several times today.
Everytime after using disengage inside the dome of the Bridge of Shadows while other players were already inside:
A few times in Taal’s Horn Keep before loading into the map, once for a deed on legend the other times for quickplay on cataclysm.
And also once on Dark Omens (legend) at the end of the game before loading into the rewards screen.

I did not fool around with this bug, because i didnt want to bother my teammates, however it seemed quiet repeatable.

I ran the following talents with dual hammers and grudge raker:

Roots Running Deep
Master of Improvisation
Enhanced Power
Grugni’s Cunning
Firing Fury
Exhilarating Vapours

i dont know if i was ever hosting while the crash happened, but it happened at least once while i was not hosting (for the deed).

Unfortunately i dont have a crash report.

Anyways, i love your game and i hope it keeps getting better.
And with that i leave (hopefully not) “like i was never here” …

just did some testing, the crash doesnt happen when hosting a private game with no one else in the lobby , but it is recreatable for matchmaking.
also now i have a bug report:

GUID: 572b065f-dd58-4cbb-9afa-e75507f612c2
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/network/network_transmit.lua:141: Cannot send game session bound RPC without a game session

When you had a deed activated, did you open the chat window box during the end mission screen?

If not, do you know if any of your teammates did?

I found out last night that if you or anyone in your group opens the chat box during the end mission screen while having a deed activated, it will crash the game. You do still get your rewards and your deed counted for the challenge frame.

For the instance with the deed , i crashed before the game actually started so i didnt even get so far as to see the end mission screen.
i think this crash is really related to bardins disengage, since i didnt have any crashes after activating the skills of any other careers in the bridge of shadows.
As for the instance where i crashed while exiting the map (dark omens) i dont know if i got any rewards since i dont really keep track anymore.

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Oh okay I get what you’re saying now! If you do activate a deed, make sure you tell everyone not to open the chat window after you all get in the bridge of shadows at the end of the map to prevent crashing.

You still get your rewards and everything but it’s just a pain in the you know what having to log back into the game.

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