Bardin Grudge Raker Crosshair


Having a rather strange issue I cannot seem to resolve.
While playing Bardin IB or Ranger if I use the Grudge Raker the crosshair only shows the Dot crosshair. I have tried launching the game with no mods, deleting the user_settings file within %appdata%, reinstalling the game, unsubscribing from mods but no matter what I only have the dot crosshair.

Testing another weapon such as the Handgun and Crossbow do show their proper spread indicator/reticle.

Same on other classes.

Additional testing found the same to be true with Kruber’s Blunderbuss, just the dot reticle.

After a bit of testing in the Game interface settings found that it appears when the Grudge Raker is equipped it is treating it like a melee weapon, If i switch to Crosshair show “ranged” I see nothing, “melee” again will show the dot.

I have installed the game on another PC as a test and can confirm everything is working properly their, the crosshair spread indicator is showing.

I’m at a loss at this point as to where the issue on my main PC with the crosshair may be coming from.
Thank you for the assistance!

This is quite the mystery! When you say you unsubscribed from your mods, did you do so via the Steam Workshop?

Thanks for the response!
I did mean via the Steam Workshop.

Twist of fate though!

I can happily report was able to resolve the issue by reinstalling my Graphic drivers, I did use Display Driver Uninstaller DDU to remove my previous drivers before doing the clean install.

Super funny/strange that this could have been the cause as it was as far as I can tell ONLY the bloom indicator with the two mentioned shotgun style weapons that was having the issue.
Oh well!

Thanks again for the response!

Oh wow, I wouldn’t have expected that! I appreciate the update and will keep this in mind for anybody else that may experience the same issue. Thank you!

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