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Issue Summary:
Joining a game in the horn of magnus is buggy.
I joined the game and appeared between stairs inside the horn of magnus.
I ve witnessed it happen to someone else in the same stairs but not the same spot.
Rats were acting weirdly there too…

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I haven’t been home to enjoy the new DLC yet, but it sounds like that’d be a bit rough for a first-game experience. There’s a lot of stairs, though… which ones exactly?

As a pretty solid rule-of-thumb: if something weird happens, screen-shot it (either printscreen or F12 if you are on Steam; I prefer Steam because I can take multiple screenshots) so that the rest of us can see. Also, it’s sorta hard to patch a problem if they don’t know exactly where it is happening.

Needless to say, I look forward to testing it this evening! Thanks for the note.

Horn of Magnus Stairs.
as in the horn of magnus, not referencing the name of the map.

I do plan on taking pictures next time around and edit initial post.

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