Athanor should be a baseline system

Hi Fatshark,

  • Allow usage of Athanor to all level 30 characters

  • Allow people to have more freedom in min maxing, the current re-roll system is horrendous.

  • Let people who are leveling use the current reroll system if they want.

  • The items used in re-rolling should be used in Athanor, both for crafting, upgrading and and Min maxing

  • Remove Essences, let WOM be just another game mode with gear chests and materials, quicker finish better rewards and so on.

  • No need to bring in so many currencies into the game as it just adds to cognitive load and leads to bad UX.

  • Please bring this change, let people have fun playing the game.

  • Stop restricting people from having fun.

Playing Vermintide 2 is like going to the ground for Football but security guard says, “bro the ground is closed, unless you played football in your room for 60000 hrs and has received 1000000 goals”.
People play this game for fun, chill and relaxing, so design with these aspects in mind, stop making everything a chore. Investor meetings might need to show consecutive footfall and retention rate, but people in investors room don’t play videogames, nor want to have any fun in life, unless it’s a yatch.



TRUE! On my own I must say more, I play to contemplate :warhammer:arhammer. I want to see exactly Warhammer, and not nasty procetics and numbers.

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Crafting rework is in the works (or was…), along with a “special” way of obtaining weave skins.

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I would barf if i need to do again x levels for every weapons

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