An enemy simulation area?

Hello Devs,

Is it possible for Alyssa use her magic to create an area that we can have a simulation fight with any enemy/enemies?

With an area like that, we can practice or test anything we want or curious.

For example, we can practice and learn how all bosses behaviour, we can test all those talents and weapon skills or maybe doing those crazy challeges like fighting 10 chaos warrior in a row with any difficulty for experiment purpose or just for fun. If any player HP reach 0 and died, it will got kick out of the simulation room. If all players got KOed, the host can make another new experiment. I think it might help us understand the game more and improving our battle skills?


I made a thread about this a while ago.

It would be very useful for practice and testing weapons and builds.


I would already be happy with a dungeon-like area which houses one of each enemy type that displays its health and damage dealt, so we don’t have to play spreadsheet hero for each of our weapons. Maybe only unlock it for players that reached a certain point so they don’t “overwhelm” new players (or what ever is the latest excuse for obfuscating everything).

In addition, allow unlimited crafting/rerolling while in that area on temporary gear that gets removed when you leave the area.

Hello sir, maybe they can make it more simple. You can magically choose any weapon with any trait in that magic room? :slight_smile:

Then we can do more experiment as a scientist :smile:

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