Zealot stacks bugged/capped?

I don’t know necessarily if this is a bug or an in-game limitation to halt power of zealot. (i can’t find anything since some threads are not even valid anymore and all before CW patch)

During a CW run yesterday the stars aligned for me on zealot getting possibly every perk that boosted my health, recovery and every buff that made me stronger the lower health I had, at some point having 255 health. In theory I should have 10 stacks for having 5 health or less with that, no?

Yet the game seems to always cap at 6 stacks max, even if you got the bonus health to go lower, the game doesn’t give you the stacks.

Is this a bug or a maximum cap for normal mode that they forgot with chaos wastes where +20 & +50% health add up?

edit: yes coming to think of it you should be able to get 7 stacks in normal mode, which is why I mean, is this an intended mechanic with simply no description info saying “up to a max of 6 stacks”?

I believe it doesn’t matter how many lives you have, because it’s a percentage. That’s why you can never have more than 6 stacks. The description in the game is bad, which is not abnormal ( :smiley: ). But I can be wrong.

no it’s not a percent, it’s just capped at 6, that’s how it’s always been.

It wasnt always like that but they changed it because when downed it had very strange effects

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