Zealot - ranged weapons + passives

Ease and to the point, his stacks from missing hp shouldnt work on ranged weapons damage/crit (same like unchained passive).
Overall with his max stack (dmg and crits) he can be better ranged class than bounty hunter, and not saying anything how fast he can drop monster hp with bop.
I would faster get that unchained would have boost to ranged because she don’t have that insanse dps weapons like saltz.


Yes. It shouldn’t be power, but only melee damage like Slayer or UC get from their stacks, since it also gives him massive amounts of cleave. But with power also affecting ranged damage, he can pretty much hit any relevant ranged weapon breakpoint without even having to gear for it. Put barrage on his BoP, pop a conc-potion, bomb them with shrapnel and melt boss health away.

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