Zealot pennances: questions

Just a flesh wound:
How are you supposed to finish a threat 4+ under 10min, when with a rush team of zealots and all objectives done right away, it still took us 20+min to complete a mission?
The wound is not the issue, the time is. Scripted events, doors, just walking, everything takes a loooong time

Same goes for There is nothing in the Abyss:
Full DPS furing the 5 seconds only gave me back 28/100hp…
So 100 seems like a stretch. Perhaps a HUGE horde and a flamer?

for the 10 min mission honestly i have no idea but i have an orange level 484 axe and ive hit 1 single enemy once with a crit and got like 114 hp back from that so thats just a weapon problem you have

That’s a lot of HP. 484 orange prob helps, but still, that was one hell of a crit.

I have NO idea how you are supposed to finish a level in 10min. Every level has numerous time sinks (looking at you Cervoskull)

You don’t have to finish the whole map in 10m. You can fail and it still counts, your match just has to conclude by the 10min mark, it doesn’t care if you win or lose in that time frame. People are filling diff 5 lobbies with zealots just standing in a corner with 1 hp for 8 mins and die to get the penance.

As for the heal, the Thunder Hammer can do up to 1k dmg with it’s special to unarmored big enemies (like a monstrosity). So the easiest is to get the hammer, get “killed” by a monstrosity and special attack it.

OH I need this
So you just enter, die, and done?
Under 10min means 1min is also true?