Zealot Level 10 Ability: Suppress Pain and Grimoires

This ability is supposed to decrease incoming damage by 25% while the Zealot is under 50% health. Problem is when the party carries grimoires, which confer their hefty health-penalty, which disproportionately affects this perk into nigh-uselessness as the Zealot’s nerfed health has to be halved again just to kick into into function again.

Desire: Grant it the same functionality as the zealot’s Fiery Faith ability (increased power for HP missing) by making it dependent on the flat chunks of HP missing, rather than a percentage of the max-HP.

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No, it’s fine as it is. Get curse resistance and max health if you want to stay safer with grims. Grims are made to make the game harder, not to make your HP bar look smaller.

The problem is that it makes the perk plain useless, because it covers such an insignificant sliver of health that it doesn’t matter if you are hit with it or without it, in addition to the numerous shortcomings the Zealot already has. Not to mention that in its same level range is the perk “Flagellant”, which does the very same job except that it covers the entirety of the healthbar, regardless if grimoires are on or not.

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