Zealot Hammer Special AOE suggestion

As someone who loves this hammer it sometimes falls a bit short.

How the weapon works and damage is totally fine. My only regard or question is if it would be possible to add a very minor AOE on the special ability attack to blow away small enemies around the target you want to hit.

Currently you get a bit stuck when multiple enemies come at you and you just want to hit this single armored target.

I feel it would make this weapon a bit more useful if you can stagger a small amount of enemies with the special to save you some time (because currently you get stunlocked when doing a special).

That’s it, I’m not asking for a 10m radius shockwave (which would be cool) but a very minor area to help aid the heavy recovery from the hammer.

  • this minor shockwave should not even damage the surrounding enemies a lot, this is mainly for staggering/swiping them off their feet.

Thoughts below on this would be appreciated!


+1 from me. That would be a nice bridge between the eviscerators special attack going through trash until it hits something worthwhile and the hammers current “stop at the very first thing you hit and only hit that”

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