Zealot Feats Not Working

Issue Description:

Some feats are not working properly or at all.

1-Retribution Skill is NOT activating at all, at 50% or at 20%, there’s absolutely no increased atk speed.
2-Martyrdom is also not working properly. Sometimes (very seldom) it activates properly (every 15 health missing), but most of the time it activates 3 stacks below 50% health.

I didn’t test other skills yet (I’m lvl 13 atm), but I saw some people having trouble with Honour the Martyr too, saying it only activates 6 stacks with 1-2 health left.

[Steam/Microsoft Store]

Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)

I am seeing the same issues. For me it appears than passive feats don’t work but anything that gets activated by an attack or something else etc… does. For example the feat where I constantly get 4% of my toughness back every second does nothing. You can sit and defend against a single enemy for over a min while you are alone and remain at 0 toughness with no gain. It also extends beyond Zealot, my sharp shooter friend’s passive to grant grenades does nothing. 8% chance to gain a grenade while killing thousands of baddies… Passives are busted

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