Zealot doesn't get more than 1 additional stack for more missing health. (Chaos Wastes)

In base game you can get additinal sixth stack on zealot abilities (Fiery Faith/Holy Fortitude/Armour of Faith/Crusade) if you have more than 150 missing health. But, in Chaos wastes it is possible to increase the amount of missing health up to 300, however, stacks for over 180 missing health are no longer issued.

It must be internally capped at 6 and obviously not mentioned in the tooltip (cause reasons unknown). You get 1 stack per 25 health missing, so even in base game where max health is 180 (assuming you have 20% health on neck) then when you drop down to 1 health you should have 7 stacks and not 6 (25 * 7 = 175).

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Would get pretty nutty if it scaled along with Chaos Waste HP as well…


Yeah … I don’t have a problem with the current stacks but it would be nice if it could be added in the description :smiley:

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