You have a perfect party of 3 but another joins

You have the three classes you want in your party, but a 4th joins…

What would be your LAST choice if you could choose? I’m interested to see what classes people do not want to see in their parties. All party comps can work of course, but indulge me here, your LAST pick!

Mine would be Unchained with a Flameweave staff —> its like saying, no thank you, I don’t want to help kill specials at range, lets leave that to the slayer haha

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A Slayer with two 1-Hand Axes equipped, using Natural Bond and no Curse Resistance. Although that would be fun to follow in a stream, bonus points for soloing.

On a more serious note (and once again a reminder, I don’t generally play publicly), none of the careers (or weapons) are bad enough to warrant dislike just based on it. Some things certainly require more skill to use, but you cannot judge a player’s skills on their equipment (or even character level) alone. A bad Ironbreaker will still go down, and a good WHC can tackle maps with taking hardly a scratch.

In general, I’m not even sure what kind of setups I would be most wary about. Probably ones using what the meta considers “mid-tier” weapons. The strongest setups can generally do something even with average skills, and the weird setups are more likely to be someone skilled trying out something fun.

If I had to choose something beyond obvious jokes (like my opening setup), I guess BW with Beam or Bolt staff could be the one. Those staffs on BW are a sign that the player isn’t really utilizing the career’s capability of fast charges of strong spells, especially Beam, and Beam is still the most versatile of Sienna’s staffs, and (as I see it) still considered the pick most strongly following meta (which suggests someone who doesn’t know basics of the game well, and relies on raw power to carry them ahead).


Wow a serious response! lol

Good points tho, well made

Ironbreaker with the pistols, the sound of it (and the constant splash damage) drive me bonkers. The damage doesn’t really hurt but I constantly think I’m getting hit by an enemy, and the constant pew-pew-pew of the pistols makes it hard to hear enemies when they’re going off from 2 feet away from me the entire time

BH with V-crossbow, definetley. It’s a pretty old build and most of good BH players tierd of it, and guys you meet tend to take 70% toll on your HP with FF all the time. Considering that I prefer to play agressive meele characters, who jump in front, it’s such a pain.

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From experience, handmaiden.

I get that its a great clutch career but I haven’t been in a scenario yet where a handmaiden has stayed alive long enough to clutch. Most handmaidens ive played with have had a pretty underwhelming impact, less than any waystalker.

Drakefire Pistols. That noise makes me want to punch a hole in my monitor. TBH it’s anyone who disappears into the distance then quits when they get jumped - doesn’t matter what class they play.

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Yeah it is honestly a lot more questionable when people take the “standard” setups than anything else. It’s generally a good indicator that the player relies on ideal setups rather than fun ones - which if I am in the kind of mood for making assumptions, means that they are either bad at the game or trying too hard. Obviously it isn’t fair to say that everyone who uses those setups are bad or trying too hard, but it’s what comes to mind.

(Foot Knight with Halberd, Ironbreaker with drakefires, Waystalker with glaive/longbow, Bounty Hunter with falchion/volley crossbow, Pyromancer with beam staff)

I like to switch up my career/weapon setup as much as possible, as the new career system really adds a lot of fun variables. But I generally stay away from those specific setups, they just suck the fun out of the game to me.

edit: I actually dont mind the drakefire pistols but…

That last sentence tho!? SPOT ON!!!


Well said!

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