You can't cleave through packmaster dead body in melee

You can’t cleave through packmaster dead body in melee, which greatly interferes sometimes.

This is most likely due to the fact that he has a monster type of armor.


There’s a lot of dead bodies you can’t cleave through.

Armored enemies and Stormfiend are the same. IDK about the other monsters though.

I can understand why the corpses of armored opponents can block your attacks (although this is stupid, given the number of enemies on the сata), but the fact that a random corpse of a special can kill you simply by its existence…

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That’s because Packmasters have the monster armor attribute, I think.

Monster type and Monster armor are not the same thing.

Monster armor class is the Resistant armor class from V1 hence the confusion.

Monster type is just the definition of the mini bosses. All mini bosses (minus the Minotaur) have the Resistant armor class or Monster armor class. Minotaur has the Berserker armor class.

Packmasters are considered the Special type enemy, not Monster type but do have the Resistant armor class which for whatever reason Fatshark renamed to Monster.

Trust me, everyone was super confused when this info came out on launch.

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