Yo fatshark, heres another free idea

Yeah i know, its another unrequested idea thread but give it a thought anyway, because you guys took left4dead and built upon it turning the original formula into something better, could you do it again with another game genre?

Its just that i was playing Metroid Primes on emulator and guess what, theres nothing like it out there, the formula is strangely unique (on 3d that is), problem being they are nintendo exclusive meaning they are not scary as they could be and not a lot of people out there played them thanks to system and time they were limited to.

Just bring your good old ability of telling stories through gameplay with least words possible and you are good to go, metroid prime became more expository as time goes and even though they were improving gameplay wise they didn’t do a good job storywise.

The gameplay consists of exploring the scenarios and keeping mindnotes of mobility based brickwalls that you can later come back to and better figure out what is hidden, lots of secrets everywhere, lots of creative boss battles (wich all make usage of new learned abilities) secret areas, entire biomes hidden behind tiny holes in some places, atmospheric music, hub like map, action spikes in some locations, platforming in others, as the game moves forward it forces you to master every ability you acquired before and gives you enemies that require the correct execution of each, early bosses becomes normal enemies later on, your power evolve from vulnerable to enemies and enviroment to completely overpowering most of it.

It could also be your venture into singleplayer wich is expensive to produce but infinitely exploitable, specially if it becomes a hit.

No idea if you could make it a 40k related title or just do something new out of the blue, i just think it would be great to have a title like that out there that isn’t hostage to nintendo’s iron grip.

I’m not sure why or how someone would expect FS to do such a different game type from what they have previously done

Wouldn’t a group that make those kind of game be better to make it, and just having to make it more Grim and grotesque rather than taking a group which hasn’t done something like that ever ?

I do not think they are a one trick pony.

Sure, but I’d rather see them do other Tide formula or at least 1st person POV Melee games (Even if not in a Warhammer based setting)

Metroid Prime or a likewise could be fun but it wouldn’t play on FS’s strength

We’ve done a platformer/run and gun/metroidvania type game before… Just sayin’.

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Well then if FS is up to do it

But still I'm hoping for a few tide games more
  • Dreadtide: Grand Alliance vs Dreadfleet with playable Hedda Bardinsdottir (THough I also would love it as a PvP mirror game
  • Dakkatide/Greentide: Tide game against the Greenskin and their allies (Either 40k or AoS)
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Was it Bionic commando? looks like a nice indie title, not exactly the type i was suggesting, the 2d metroidvania type was copied to irrelevancy at this point and theres too many competitors who do it right (hollow knight, ori and the blind forest, bloodstained) some even push the tech forward like dead cells, but in the 3d realm, nobody did it, it started with prime and died with it, the closest to the formula we have is dark souls games, since you have the hub world, lots of exploration, entire areas hidden and totally optional, secret bosses, but it still doesn’t scratch that ich.

I just think a new entry on the genre would be great, and if its a new ip, your artists woudn’t be bound to some strict set of rules and several lore minefields, you could unleash the talent to do as they please, be your own bosses for once.
But again its just a suggestion, use it if you want, you guys probably have some future plans that are better than this, i have zero doubt, its just that fatshark content quality is still at the top, you are more than fit for it.

@Arthadaw i think their strenght is getting existing ideas and improving on it, they done it before i strongly believe they can do it again.