Yellow toughness not blocking damage if not at full yellow toughness

Issue Description:

The same way blue toughness has damage bleedthrough when not at 100%, not being at 100% of the yellow toughness (taking an instance of damage for example) deals damage to health while blue toughness is still at 100%

Steps to Reproduce:

Go down to 1hp.
Get an overshield from a zealot or a vet
Get damaged once.
Get damaged a second time.
Expect death.

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Because toughness works like this, he calculates 100% of the total toughness values added up

It wasn’t like this before. Also not fully sure, but i think fire and shots deal HP damage when yellow toughness isn’t full but blue toughness still 100%.

This has been the case since the 1.2 version update……

It’s weird. It can let you tank bursters with minimal to no health damage but you get chipped by melee if the yellow bar isn’t full. It obeys some rules of normal toughness but not others. IMO as an overshield it should be counted as being above max toughness, and bleed through shouldn’t happen if we have any yellow toughness left. That would have been too strong before but now it’s been nerfed back down to 50 I think it would be appropriate.

If anyone does work out the exact mechanics of the funny yellow bar please share them with me.


The problem is that you can’t regenerate yellow toughness.
So you take damage in situations where you should take none.

You are at 100% blue T, 100% yellow
You take a hit, 100 BT 50 YT
You kill something, theorically your toughness should go back up to 100
But in this case it doesn’t, so next hit damages you.

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Huh? Was this changed in the latest patch? Because you absolutely can and did regenerate it previously. Confirmed kill alone would keep my yellow toughness full basically indefinitely.

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WHy do fatshark game systems have to be so opaque?
It’s sometimes hard to figure the bugs from the working as intended stuff

Or maybe that’s the grand design and everything is going according to plan

I don’t remember this being a problem. Yellow toughness is supposed to raise the toughness “cap” when it is active and allowed you to regenerate up to that cap until the buff duration expires and your bar goes back to normal.

More than anything I think this is might just be a UI and English language issue. The game shows yellow toughness on top of your base toughness, so it looks like it’s an overshield, which is confusing to everyone.

However the description for VoC upgrade talent clearly says “This can exceed your maximum toughness”. So we would need one of the two behaviors for this to be consistent:

  1. If it’s meant to raise maximum toughness, as it does now, this needs to be reworded and the UI just needs to make it clear if you’re not at 100% of the yellow toughness bar, then you’ll take melee damage as normal.

  2. If it’s indeed meant that the shout exceeds your maximum toughness, then the behavior should be an overshield, where you can never take damage while you have yellow toughness.

We’re in between the two states right now, which is not ideal.


Bumping this thread to keep it open, as this issue still persists even after the last 2 hotfixes.

What is weird:
If you have yellow toughness, it’ll block the damage from a mutant slamming you on the ground, even though it would normally chip through.

i’ve had it pass through, yes the first slam is absorbed if you’re at full overshield, but as the OP indictates the moment you’re not anymore it starts leaking, even if it’s just 1-2 hp.

My max HP remained at max hp :')
Perhaps additional DR just makes this even less clear than it already is

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