Xbox Feedback- Host Issues

Are there any plans to implement some mechanisms to deal with host issues before this launches? I was kind of surprised to find a game releasing in 2018 with no host transferring or any other kind of host options. Today I had a situation where we were literally 2 steps away from finishing the mission only for the host’s connection to lag out and drop us out of the match.

There are a lot of Xbox games that try to mitigate host connection issues in a variety of ways. Warframe allows you to set the minimum ping you want to play with. They also have host transferring implemented. In addition you should try to pick the best connection of the group members to make the host and give people that know they have a bad connection the option to check a box that says “never host.” At a minimum, if you can’t do any of that stuff, at least give people their xp and rewards for any progress they’ve made if a host issue drops them out of the match at or near the end.

You guys should really work on this before it launches. It’s my only major problem with the game.


We’ve been waiting for dedicated servers for quite some time now… This service was supposed to be up 2 months ago (or so). Still no update.

Ah. Hopefully they do it before the PS4 port.

Yeah, everyone on PC has been suffering with these host issues since closed beta. I hope they fix it for everyone soon, but if they fix it for Xbox first there’s going to be riots around here xD

Just leaving feedback from the Xbox perspective since there is an open beta happening on Xbox now…

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