XBOX 1 beta gameplay feedback

This is for gameplay feedback only. Nothing about athletics should be here

As I’ve played the beta I’ve found a few things Xbox players need. The 1st is the setting of screen boundaries so the edges of the game may not be lost. An option to turn off controller acceleration. The bosses or mini-bosses like the fore and the other one occasionally teleport or are in a different location than shown. Connection in ptp is not the best and has dropped me out of most games I’ve gone into.

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Also when you join a game late put the person close or near the next objective for sometimes teams ignore saving you or can’t because you are inacessible

There’s a lot of issues with joining in a game late. As I previously said it could put you as a person to be rescued and it be behind where the team can go with map design, another possibility when joining is you join to have no health and get 1 shot by the next enemy, or you straight up die from enemies hitting you while in bleed out leaving you dead for doing nothing.

There’s an option in your search settings where you will only join games in the lobby(Keep) instead of in progress. At least there is on the PC version.

It is in beta but I’m using this to point out issues so they can be fixed before release

Well, some of those bugs are still in the PC version… so I don’t think they will get fixed. I’ve joined into games many times and I’m down bleeding out and the team has already progressed to the next area, so they can’t come back to get me. RIP.

Bosses still teleport occasionally. They also fall through the map and die or warp up. You use to be able to push them off a ledge and they would instantly die as well. Not sure if that got fixed.

As for dropping out of games, check your settings and make sure you are connection to games that are close to you. I think the default setting is medium distance. Close seems to be in your general area, county, city, perhaps half the country. I’ve never got anyone outside Sweden with a close game. With Medium game I get people in German and France, etc. Long I get people in the USA and Canada, Worldwide, well, that’s anywhere in the world, lots of lag.

You can also just host your own games. Bring up the quick play screen, and start a custom game, then when someone joins in, cancel it and start a quick play game. Since someone is already in your lobby, it will try and find others to join you instead of you joining their games.

Again, you can turn on strict matchmaking so you only join games in the lobby, those are the only fixes I can think of. Also, and this one is important, go into your settings and click on the tab network, then turn on “small network packets”. I was advised by the Devs to do this and it helped a lot. I have a 100MB connection but somehow, using smaller packets was better.