[XB1] - Open Beta is Live!


We’re excited to announce that on July 11 Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will be coming to Xbox One with an Open Beta launching today. As of right now you can Pre-order the Premium Edition ahead of release to receive exclusive in-game content. We’re also extremely excited to announced that from day one you can play Vermintide 2 with Xbox Game Pass.


If you want the full experience, including exclusive in-game items, you can now Pre-order the Premium Edition and get the following:

  • Sigmar Statue
  • Helmgart Heraldry Themed Skins
  • Premium Edition Portrait Frame
  • Pre-order Portrait Frame
  • 6 Exclusive Heroic Deeds


We are happy that so many of you enjoyed the Vermintide 2 Closed Beta. However, it seems the forces of both the Skaven and Chaos are relentless – meaning we will need more of you before Vermintide 2 launches on Xbox One July 11.

That means we will be expanding our Beta to anyone brave enough – making it open to all! All you have to do to try it out is to download the Vermintide 2 Beta app via the Xbox One Store Page when it launches on June 20, around 18:00 CEST / 09:00 PST.


Q: Will my progress be saved from the Beta to the Live game?
A: We’re not sure yet. Our aim is to have all your progress carry over, but there’s always a chance this might not be possible.

Q: How long will the Open Beta be running?
A: Our goal is to have it running until launch July 11. We might however need to take it offline for maintenance at some point. To know exactly when this happens, please follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/fatsharkgames or check out our Xbox Game Hub.

Q: Can I play Offline during the Beta?
A: Yes, you will be able to play Offline for the whole Beta period.

Q: What is Vermintide 2’s Mixer Mode?
A: It’s an interactive way for you to play the game by having your Mixer viewers voting on different options in your active game. They could for example spawn a boss or, if you ask nicely, give you health. To access Mixer Mode go to the Level Selection Screen and connect to your Mixer account.

Q: Will Vermintide 2 be released on PlayStation 4?
A: Yes, but unfortunately we don’t have any specific dates yet.

Q: Can I play Vermintide 2 if I have Xbox Game Pass?
A: Yes, if you have Xbox Game Pass you can start playing Vermintide 2 on July 11.

Q: Will I still get the Premium Edition items if I use Game Pass to play Vermintide 2?
A: No, the following items: Sigmar Statue, Helmgart Heraldry Themed Skins, Premium Edition Portrait Frame and 3 Exclusive Heroic Deeds are exclusive to the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Premium Edition.

Will you focus on releasing the game on PC now or will that have to wait until after ps4?

I love this game, it makes me sad so see all the problems it has currently.


Can we get a full and proper PC release first please? Ie. one that matches the marketing or at least isn’t plagued with issues.

Also, why are they called exclusive heroic deeds when they’re just run of the mill low level trash deeds, if memory serves?

Would love to get info on the state of things for us Playstation side. I know transparency isn’t the norm but maybe some news? Is it coming to xbox first because of marketing reasons or is there an issue with the ps4 port? Is there an estimated time frame on the ps4 beta? Anything at all?

They have a deal with Microsoft be ready for a extensive wait I would guess. However when it does land it should have more content at least I would hope.

Since we are a small company to begin with and a very small console team. Most of the time it’s me, my producer and another programmer so we try to focus on one platform at the time. The rest of the company is working on stuff that benefits all platforms. We do have the ps4 version up-and-running though but we haven’t started going through the cert requirements yet so it’ll take some time before we have something to show.

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Hey I’m having problems getting into a match
I can get into the keep and start a match but
I start a game it gets to the loading screen then just crashes and kickes me off before I get into the game
Any info or help ?

Are you trying to play online or solo?
Or do you even get that far ?

Thanks for the heads up. Really appreciate the feedback! Keep up the good work and know that my friends and I are rooting for yall. Can’t wait to play!

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Thanks for the hard work. The game is super fun and looks awesome besides a few glitches here or there. I’ve watched the improvements since closed beta, and now I can see how things are coming together. Looking forward to launch!

Any chance we can get keyboard/mouse support for the console release? Both consoles natively support it and already being used in several games including Fortnite, FF14, CS:GO, War Thunder, and several others

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