Wounded state randomly removed

I had a particularly weird game just now.

I went down twice in my most recent game:

First time:

  • I (Battle Wizard) was in the middle of healing a wounded teammate (Zealot), a slave rat stabbed me in the back and I went down. Since I wasn’t carrying any books, I decided to use the healing on my teammate anyway. Two seconds after that, my screen went from black and white to full color again. I still only have the temp health from going down. I had neither healshare trait or talent.

Second time:

  • I was confused by this so I asked our Handmaiden to shoot me dead at 1 temp health. I went down instead of dying. Now my screen went fully black and white until I found healing.

I had an average of 110 ping (according to scoreboard) throughout that game, so maybe it’s caused by lag? Also I remember moments when I’d take green health damage and I’d randomly gain some of it back. I was suspecting my teammates of cheating, but it’s pure speculation.

Well, it’s not random. It’s an old bug/interaction? that came back quite a while ago. (Came back with the patch that fixed boon of Shallya not working, patch 2.0.13 broke boon of Shallya and it was fixed a few patches later).
Medical supplies remove wounds for both the person using them and the person being healed.


I didn’t even know this bug existed prior to when it happened to me just now. And I’m a plenty team player who heals teammates all the time. I thought it was a bug just from this beta…

Very useful if you’re playing as Zealot and go down

shhh :shushing_face:

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