Would FS benefit a lot from a closed or open beta?

A closed beta would be very beneficial I think. It would calm a lot of the fan base that wants to know more about the game and at the same time it would let FS collect a lot of information, from gameplay feedback to frame rate and optimization issues. I really see no downsize to it.
The only thing that I cant think of that wouldnt let them do it is a contract problem with either Microsoft (I think they are working together to bring the game in pc and xbox at the same time) or Games Workshop.

They laready Announced thatb we will have Beta since Day 1 ^^

From the FaQ on discord

Q: Beta, alpha, when??
A: Whoa there, we’re still early days, in a pre-alpha state. We’ll be sure to kick your doors down when tests open up!


Ohhh I dont usually visit discord servers. Nice, thank you!!

looks like the sign-up is closed now or its been removed from the main site. Hopefully it comes back soon so we can get to pox poppin.

There will likely be both

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One of the biggest benefits of a ‘closed beta’ is, you have the ability to control your work load based on how many users you allow and what types of users you allow.

You need an army of ‘objective’ users to back you up against the ‘subjective’ users because the ladder group’s main purpose in life is to troll the web looking for an app to trash and create a lot of sensational anti-hype over; all in the name of attracting more traffic to their blog.

Did you just agree with yourself ? Or did I miss something

Yeah, he added most likely a phishing link or just a spam link in to his quote

He should change his password

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