Worse connection with long distance players since latest update?

Game lately have turned into weird lag fests when playing with long distance players, this isn’t just a one off, has been like this for a few days.

Was fine before, anyone else noticed it of late?

Personally, i’m checking hosts profile every time i play, because some time delay is to much

Happy to say issues have been resolved since full game release!

Yeah, It’s been much worse than in the beta for me… I have a intermittent laggy connection. Previously the NPCs mostly just froze in place and didnt take any damage for a little while when it happened, now enemies just appear out of thin air. Sometimes I think I get hit by enemies which teleport very short distances around me when I visually hit by a enemy which is walking I instead in reality being hit by it, I could be misinterpreting this situation though because the lag behavior can be very confusing…

I guess that these kind of state resolving algorithms usually are of the pick your poison kind, the earlier version FEELS like it at least was possible to understand since it was easier to kind of predict where things were going and at least adapt my position.

This is of just speculation from my side since I have no idea how the game state synchronization works for this game at all but what I can say is that there is a practical difference whatever the reason might be.

UPDATE: It seems like my problem at least in part maybe can be attributed to maxing out the CPU causing additional slowness. It seems like either the release update or a NVIDIA driver updated caused all CPU-bound settings to go to their maximum value… The game is behaving a little bit better now for me but I’ve only played for a couple of hours to maybe I’ve just been lucky.

UPDATE2: It’s still happening, probably

I think that one difference from the betas (and especially VT1) could be that that objects tend to move directly instead of sliding into their updated positions?

Another difference seems to be that objects doesn’t freeze as much when loosing sync, maybe
preferring predictive movement more often over freezing?

An example of both observations is that I was looking at a vile troll walking on the other side of a rock wall (with some holes in it) going after other players, suddenly it was standing right next to me and attacking me hitting. If it’s movement had been frozen instead I would at least have had the opportunity to plan my movements according to the best of my abilities instead of believing that I see the real game when I’m actually not.

This could of course be caused by a NPC movement bug or something entirely different as well but it happened in the context of one of the laggiest matches I’ve seen today.

I’d guess that the dedicated server feature will reduce a lot of this kind of problems.

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