WoM pre-launch beta participation portrait not received

Hi, it has been a while since then, but it would be nice to have the portrait nonetheless. I have 4.4 hours on record in the separate WoM Beta entry in my Steam library, and I am quite sure I at least played some weaves.
I took a long break from the game just before WoM was released, pretty much until a month ago, so maybe that’s why I never received it. Could it possibly still be granted to me?

Assuming you can/will do it, this is my Steam profile Steam Community :: Ante and while I realize it can easily be photoshopped, here is “proof” of my game time on Steam https://i.imgur.com/65N5Sih.png, I am not sure if the “hours played” is visible on betas that don’t have a store page for others looking at my steam games.

I’ve sorted that out for you - let me know if you have any problems!

No problems at all, just wanted to say thank you :slight_smile:

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