Winds of Magic - Patch 2.0 - Patch Notes

No extra rewards for playing Cataclysm is a bad idea. :confused:

I hope it won’t be a dead difficulty in a few weeks.

What happened to the reward chests that were going to be added during the closed beta?

Having to kill all 4 lords on Legend again to unlock it isn’t going to help matters either.


NOOOOOO Why Fatshark? :’(


@Fatshark_Hedge What does “Remastered” mean in terms of performance? Did you also enhance your engine? Couldn’t find anything about it in the notes except for the loading times. Someone mentioned FPS - Drops don’t occur to them anymore (info from beta forum, can’t remember who said it though).
Can you tell us anything about this?

In steam the expansion is priced: 16,79€. But if you buy via bundle option WoM costs: 15,95€ if you already claimed the dlcs.
This seems a bit confusing. Do I get access to the beta still with the bundle option? Why wouldn’t I go for the cheaper “version” ;)?

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Thanks, @Fatshark_Hedge! This is going to be freaking rad. I can’t hop into it till later this week, but I assure you I’ll be there and putting your silly Beastmen to the test.

I’m really digging the tweaks to the heavier weapons and I look forward to trying out the shields :smiley:

It’s not made clear anywhere: is the new level cap at 35 for all players, or just expansion owners? Surely the new talent row isn’t locked behind paying for WoM, right?

I’m not really seeing anything that would indicate where feedback drove these patch notes. It looks like talents are untouched from the last beta?

Also, is there any particular reason…

  • Why do I now have to pay 1000 Essence to unlock a weapon in the Weaves, period, instead of being able to use anything from the get-go?

  • Why are the new talents are at the level cap, unlike previously?

  • Why do I have to replay some Legend maps to unlock Cataclysm?

These changes seem like they are increasing the grind, which, if I remember the beta forums… that wasn’t the direction that feedback would suggest you go in. At all.


I hadn’t even noticed the extra grind added to the Weaves weapons.

How ****ing stupid.

All of the feedback. All of the stomping of feet and gnashing of teeth. And for what? To just have it all ignored.

At least that’s how it seems.

Don’t even get me started about lack of rewards for Cataclysm. What the **** is the point?


Did you lower the shield while blocking, or its in the same height as in BETA ph1-2?

Looking at the talents both concerns and disappoints me. A couple got tweaked, but many the community were deeply unhappy with in the discussion/poll threads BongoSkaggs did haven’t been changed at all. There’s still the vent at 50% HP one on Unchained, which still makes zero sense, to name one of many. And the 25% power when out of ammo talent on BH (and RV).

On the general balance: Unfortunately I’m not going to have time until next month to give it a go (though I guess that’ll give me the advantage of seeing what the new meta turns out to be), so I can’t say right now how things work in effect, but it seems with stagger they just doubled down on the beta 2 version of it (which was an improvement over beta 1 but still needed more work). The design flaws of the stagger talent tier, which seems to be oriented around buffing stagger, bypassing it or ignoring it, remain. It has only had its numbers reshuffled, despite the community blog post implying it was going to get more of a looking at than that.

I hope once I get my hands on the game again myself that the new tweaks to 1h axes, shielded weapons and the like are enough to put all weapons in a good place without unbalancing things, but right now it looks a lot like it’ll just be more of what we had in beta 2 in terms of what’s meta (exec, dual hammers, glaive). The Assassin talent being career limited also isn’t great, any weapons that depend on it to have comparable damage under the new system will effectively be career limited at the meta level. I’m glad at least ranged got given more damage increases, praying it’ll keep the handguns useful in cata.

Guess I’ll hear from you guys in a week or so how things are. And what the general reception is.

Either way, I’m not going to buy it until I’ve got time to look into it myself, play around a bit with people who have the xpac and so on. I’ll make my mind up then. This is not aimed at FS, I just don’t preorder ever since the Rome 2 Total War debacle.

I don’t get this either, it feels so arbitrary having to beat specific missions to select the new difficulty when no other difficulty is like that, that’s just an unnecessary annoyance for people wanting to jump right into cata. It’s not huge but still, it’s totally unnecessary.

I’d like to know that too. I don’t even get why we wouldn’t get anything from cata, it’s not like anything improves from champ to legend already apart from drop chances - it’s not like people can’t get reds from champ/legend as is, and anyway have to move up the difficulties to get the portrait frames etc (which are minor).

Point 1 is … . I’m speechless. People were already not interested in grinding for the weaves, this’ll only make it worse. It also runs contrary to the idea FS stated of weaves being where you try new things, as you’re going to be punished even harder for picking a bad/unsuited weapon and leveling that. Guess we’ll have to play a lot of QP beforehand to get currency (please tell me that stayed?), if we even are able to find people interested in grouping for specific weaves anymore at that point.

On point 2, there’s a gap in the talent trees at a certain level now or what? Why? It was already sad to see new talents meant the stagger tier not career-specific talents, but having a gap is just… Sigmar please tell me they’re going to fill it in with new career talents in future. Alas, my OCD, I am dead… Yeah, it’s minor, but I don’t think it’s newbie-friendly to randomly push them to wait another 5 levels to get talents we had at 30 previously. There’s no method to this particular brand of Tzeentchian madness.

All in all I’ve got mixed feelings, on the one hand the talent rework, new weapons, beastmen (the minotaur looks great!), cataclysm and new map are all things I’m pumped to have a go at, on the other I’m disappointed as almost all the community’s concerns from beta 2 have been ignored.

Going to reserve final judgement for when I get to play this version. Hopefully it’ll turn out I was wrong and concerned for nothing, and everyone can laugh at me.


You know, this is not just about vocal minorities ! Some people do actually enjoy it ! /s


This patch only proves you learned nothing. You listened to nothing during the beta. I knew this was coming I just didn’t want to believe it. I was in denial. All those hours wasted into this only for some idiot to think this as a great idea.

Good riddance Vermintide 2. You went the same way every other Warhammer game goes.
Down the ****ing drain.



Many, many months ago I said here on this forum, that all our feedback is pointless, because FS don’t listen us. Now you have a prove. All discussions and feedback is just a conversation between users.


Okay, good start but now it just makes the dummies even more confusing if they’re not differentiated at all. Why not have dummies all look slightly different to resemble something from each enemy faction? IE: Stormvermin helmet, Chaos Warrior helmet, and Bestigor helmet on armored dummies to represent damage against each of those enemy classes.

Lay this out for me in simple terms so a five year old could understand. Are hats more rare or are they less rare? How long is it going to take for me to get a damn Beanie?

I’m not sure I would agree if I was holding a shield and someone shot me with a shotgun, but okay…

Okay… so… by how much? What does “tweaked” mean? Increase or decrease? I’m guessing “increased” because the other one says “reduced” and your entire patch revolves around the idea of stagger, so that’s great to know that it’s pretty much the best choice by far…

And reduced by how much? Do I still get some for cleaving one enemy or do I need to actually hit multiple enemies now?

… I didn’t even know that was a thing.

I still don’t like this that much also you didn’t change any of the Slayer talents despite the changes being ultra mega doo doo. I don’t know who would pick Dawi Drop except to meme. I don’t know who wouldn’t pick Adrenaline Surge unless they’re dumb. Grimnir’s Focus is still way better than Oblivious to Pain or Barge by far and it’s not even funny. The other two are basically useless.

Also I dislike the talents revolving around weapon choices. A Thousand Cuts and Skull-Splitter are embarrassingly uninspired talents and they’re dead to me because I can’t use the throwing axes or whatever weapon combinations I want. I don’t know why they stayed at all…

A welcome change to finally nerf the best weapon in the game that is locked behind DLC. Uhhh… but why not say the exact values? Like “heavy attack movement speed slowed down by 8% and light attacks by 5%”.

I’m guessing it varies from attack-to-attack.

RIP… just in time for Throwing Axes to come out, eh?

Oh boy, more flamethrowers lol.

Good stuff.

Again, just in time to sell some more Throwing Axes eh?

Any indication on what changed between the previous beta and the current one? Don’t see much in the way of new talents. I was disappointed in a lot of the talent changes for Slayer. I was also disappointed to see the weapon-dependent talents like Thousand Cuts, Skull-Splitter, and Drakki Wrath still in the game…

Also, I’m the only one of my friends who has the new DLC, but they all got the patch as well. Can we play with each other still on the new content and old?


I think they mean item quality not actual drop chances - take a look and let me know :sweat_smile:


I mean, technically, equal and opposite reactions. If the shotgun doesn’t knock the shooter back, why would it knock the defender back? An odd one to pick out of the crowd of patches, but I don’t think it’s a bad one. Makes sense for most all of our ranged weapons.

Agree with hats. I’d love to know the drop rates.

I’m very surprised. Most bonuses work this way in Vermintide and have for a long time; we’ve got some seriously long discussions on Damage Reduction in particular, but I do so hope those haven’t been edited… otherwise we can accomplish 80% DR rather quickly.

You can if you are the host, if I am not wrong.

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To 0, THP on cleave just not working at all. “Tweaking sucesfully done!”


Has anyone played yet? It looks like they 100% ignored all feedback and just ploughed forward anyway. Is there something I’m missing that would suggest this isn’t the fustercluck we’ve been dreading?


I agree. FK needs more love. Fatshatk has also nerfed his talent about block cost reduction (from 30 to 20%).

My initial impression too, they tweaked things to their liking but the majority of the community’s beta 2 concerns still stand/were ignored. The last blog post reads a lot more like excuses/attempting to sell unpopular decisions as you said last time than actually listening now.

I wonder what the general reception is going to be, but on a hunch I think it’ll be a reflection of what was already said in beta 2.



Always FK, I can’t understand it :cry: 4 seconds should be the minimum to be an useful trait

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