Winds Of Magic Community Blogpost

Was wondering the same. They’re streaming at 5pm today, maybe we’ll get some answers then.

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Huh seems we were wrong.

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My DnD session starts at 8pm CEST, game releases at 7pm CEST. #RIP :frowning:

I would trade with you in an instant. Always wanted to try DnD but don’t know enough people and no one with any experience. :smiley:


@flisker Another beta ! Enjoy ! (we’ll see who was right SOON ™)

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"The preorder goes live at 7pm CEST, along with patch 2.0.
The progress from this beta will carry over to release.
The portrait frame isn’t available for this beta, and is exclusive to the earlier beta phases. " - Hedge



I was probably gonna go insane if they didn’t announce anything today.

Yeah I’m not buying that until they post patch notes here. Not worth the risk of wasting my money. Already wasted to much time on the beta as a whole.
Hopefully Fatshark woke up and do something good.

I’m assuming patch notes will go live with the release at 7CEST. As the patch is going live for everyone, as I doubt they can have some people using old talents and some using new.

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Well, do what you want :stuck_out_tongue:
Who am I to force you to buy it if you don’t want to !

I will buy it the second it goes online !

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I used to be a fanboy like you.
But then I took a beta to the knee. :frowning:


Hey I did play the beta a lot =p
I just enjoyed it instead of having the opposite reaction.
Guess I dodge the arrow for some reason.

Well that’s what happens when you play the beta to look for bugs and balance issues. You tend to turn, sour. Good thing you enjoyed it at least. I know I did not. But I did it anyway out of necessity. :slight_smile:


I c wut u did thar…

None the less, to each their own. Wait out and give the changes a try when it goes live. If you like it, buy it?

We’ll see about that that :slight_smile:
At least I know what I am keeping an eye on tonight.
Nah, I’ll be playing Deep Rock Galactic anyway while looking at the patch notes on the other screen. :slight_smile:

I also like Deep Rock Galactic a lot =p

Management has just granted you a promotion. Stand proud fellow miner!

Maybe FS will understand if it hits their wallet, not just the forums.

yy, I will sign up as soon as I can for this one ! Should be later today :wink:

Wait what ? Holy s… how did I miss that !

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If you’re really interested. Add me on steam, I’ll shoot you a discord invite. Got some mates who run a session nearly every week. It involves a magical train run by a god that drops us off to missions and picks up others. So you don’t have to worry about missing a session due to work and stuff. Works great for us due to everyone having different schedules.

We use roll20 website and discord.