Will it brick?

In reference to a comment I made in a recent crafting discussion I present: Everyone’s new least favorite game show WILL IT BRICK?

Post up your perfect (or very nearly perfect) whites you plan on taking to orange and let’s see if people can guess if it will brick or not.

I recently had a gem of a kantrael shotgun (380 with 80 ammo and stopping) brick on the final round.

But what is the reward for not bricking? Well obviously a perfect or near-perfect weapon of course the consolation prize is a brick.

I’ll start it off with these wonderful submissions right here I’ve been sitting on waiting to have enough resources, a Grenade Gauntlet and a Kickback, niether are perfect but both are worth rolling for since they are over-all improvements on what I currently have (note I am using the mod that disables the last 20% of the bar that doesn’t exist anyway in case you were wondering why it looks different):


The results for the kickback are in, I’ll let you be the judge:


That Kickback is really good. Keep the reload speed perk, change the other perk and expansive. Very close to godrolled.

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I’ve judged it: un-bricked

Kickback is the primo shotgun. Replace expansive and damage vs groaner with T4 of your choice


Five plasteel on the GG bricking.


It ain’t looking good. Rolled unarmored on the first perk. But one bad perk does not a brick make. Let’s see how the rest plays out.

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Inb4 we end up with CSGO-style shady third party gambling websites where we run betting pools on whether a specific weapon roll will be bricked or not.


Not terrible on first blessing with a tier 3 shattering impact. Certainly not as good as it could be but not terrible if that second perk rolls poorly. It still isn’t too late for this thing to brick folks.

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It could be all over folks, t3 weakspot damage as a second perk. That last blessing is gonna have to be good to save this one from being a total brick.

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Out of materials and time for work I’ll have to leave this on a cliffhanger.

Right then meeting over (it could have been an email or virtual) and the verdict is… gonna go with brick. 1/2 ain’t bad.

Will it brick?! That is the question.

The grenade gauntlet has enough power to turn the sturdiest wall into a pile of bricks.

But will it brick all by itself? That is the question.

Tonight, with our host, Shiiiiining Draaaagoooonn!


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