Why wasn't this failed game released as Early Access?

At least then you’d have a leg to stand on.


If you asked an amoeba to explain Fluid Dynamics you’d probably be more likely to get an acceptable answer.


Probably true tbh.

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I maintain my theory that the community update as well as crafting was actually released on time, but the gravitational pull caused by the amount of BS spewed by the FatShark management is causing it to be frozen in time.


Maybe Warp Shenanigans have made it so FS thinks it’s still holiday?

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Had it been EA, I think gamers would have been more understanding.


Fatshark wanted to cash in on holiday purchases. Lots of people don’t buy Early Access games though, and tagging it as such would have reduced that sweet sweet holiday cash.


I genuinely think it would have gone great. If you look at the beta, everyone was reviewing if favourably, because it was great for a beta. Many people, myself among them, were on the copium, thinking that the released product will be much better. They could have technically achieved that through early access.
But the truth is that they’re a bunch of greedy bastards who wanted the christmas money dump, and they figured that EA wouldn’t sell as good as an allegedly finished game.


Because Steam won’t let you do pre-order for Early Access. Also, xmas sales.




What they should’ve done is just left the game in a “pre-order beta” state and shifted the release date to mid-2023 (or later).

That way, they could’ve avoided having the issue of no pre-orders for early access games. On the customer side you could refund the game at any time before the release date - which is cool.

I don’t know if you’re allowed to push back release dates for pre-order games, and if so how far back you can push it. I also don’t know if they could have an MTX shop with cash transactions if it wasn’t properly released yet.

Ideally, they should’ve just never had a pre-order and should’ve planned to launch as early access in November.

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Yeah pre-order being extended for half a year would probably be iffy. You can do whatever you want after Early Access, though. There are plenty of well known devs that have sold expansions, and even started work on the sequel, before the original game was actually finished. Scummy af for sure, but Early Access is carte blanche. Pre-order, not so much.

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And they sold over a hundred thousand copies…

Always-Online Games as a Live Service™ games usually are just early access games already. Unfinished products that’s supposed to grow overtime.


Because you cant preorder early access titles.

They wanted the money before we knew.

No, but game development takes time. Just because they launched an unfinished product does not mean that they suddenly are going to be able to implement the missing pieces at record pace while having a live game to contend with at the same time.

Come back in six months or a year. Expecting anything to be done any time soon is wishful thinking. Game development takes time.

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Because Fatshark is a dishonest company.

It’s as simple as that.


Because then they can’t presale.

FS made a ton of money off of hiding the state of the game from their userbase. Now that they have the bag, they’re doing their best to both run and produce something.

It kind of did. The legendary graveyard of famous franchises: “live service with micro-transactions”.