Why u need ADS handgun to kill shield enemy?

why u need ADS(aim down sights) to kill SV shield and others shield enemy with handgun?

Pretty sure they want to slow you down and force you to focus a target to get past the shield.

Not so much a sensible physics thing as a game mechanic.

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Why does ads’ing with a bow make you deal more damage? Why does charging a hagbane bow shot make it deal extra damage in an aoe?

thats different story m8. thats bow!? u know u need to charge that weapon

If you take a closer look at the stormvermin shield, you’ll find that it is constructed out of two sections held together by metal links. Between these two sections is a significant gap. The reason aiming down the sight is necessary is because what you are aiming for is the gap.


You are drawing the bowstring farther back. The “zooming” effect is representative of the refinements the brain is able to make to your aim with the increased focus the extra draw time allows.

The gas that causes the area of effect damage that the hagbane bow delivers is created by the chemical reaction between the metal of the arrowhead, the liquid poison contained in the quiver, and the atmosphere. The time spent in drawing the arrow farther back gives this reaction more time to take place, creating more (and more potent) gaseous poison.


Fluff-wise, it could represent more carefully aiming past the shield to hit the enemy hiding behind it. Of course, the real reason is gameplay balance, and especially for good shooters aiming the shots has hardly any other advantage from shooting from the hip, as the damage is the same anyway. It’s the same reason the basic Crossbow (for both Bardin and Victor) has an extra 10% crit chance when aiming. So basically, just a reason to actually use the aim instead of hip-shooting everything.

This feels like you’re trying to answer a question with a question, with an implied obvious answer, but in case you’re seriously concerned: The real reason is, again, balance. You either shoot fast, but less accurate and powerful shots, or take the time to aim and gain more strength with it. For fluff, it represents drawing the bows further to give the arrow more force, to both increase its impact and for easier aiming. As for Hagbane, while it certainly is magical and I’m not familiar with the exact lore, it could certainly be argued that the added impact spreads the poison cloud further, affecting more enemies.

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then why i need to ADS marauders with shield? and U know that shield is a full gap and u still cant kill him…
spear me…

makes no sense to me.
i just want to get rid of 1 sv shield mixed in horde. QQ hip-shoot and im done with slaping him with melee and horde. sure i can push him 2 times and shoot but u never know if team player will hit him u know RIP my shoot.
maybe i will report it as BUG bc this truly makes no sense

Every single ranged weapon does some form of alternate attack when you ads/charge/whatever. With handgun, the alt fire is an attack that ignores shields. That’s just how the game is designed. Hagbane bow deals a bunch of aoe damage, beam staff fires a shotgun blast, crossbow gives you bonus crit chance, and handgun ignores shields.

That’s just an observation not an argument. “This is how the game is designed” is valid for pretty much any and all issues (even crashes with root cause in design).

You could also argue that handgun becoming more accurate with the RMB mode is enough of a distinction. If they changed it to penetrate shields with both attacks it would still be “how the game is designed”. See why it sucks as an argument?

I think he meant “those are the rules of the game”. As opposed to an issue or a design flaw.

How much more reasoning do you want? When fatshark designed the game, they decided to let you ads/charge ranged attacks for extra effect. When they got to handgun, they decided to make its extra effect “pierces through shields”. Could they have designed the game differently? Sure. They could have decided to make handgun an exception to the “adsing makes ranged attacks more effective” rule, they could have made handgun do extra damage or get extra crit when adsing, or they could have skipped the whole “ads for extra damage” thing in the first place. However, they presumably thought that this would produce a better game.

I think they actually, they added that effect a bit later, around the time the crossbow got crit chance or sometime close, because there was no reason to aim, and the weapon was maybe a bit weak.


Do you? Been a while since a played, but I think it was always possible to hipfire shieldes sv up close?

only if u ADS. if u go hipfire shield block the shoot. BS mechanics

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