Why the change from Space Marines (from Space Hulk) to "regular" heroes?

It did a bit, of course. But it also showed how 3 Space Marines could punch through the main force of a somewhat sizeable Waaagh (they attacked an important -meaning Titan producing - Forgeworld and were winning) and kill the Waaaghboss. Wait, one of them did that last part. You’d need a little crusade to drive of such a force with combined forces. Or a Vindicare, of course.

honestly I think playing Space Marines could be better, now dont go pick up those pitchforks just yet. I think this way because I think SMs can handle a lot more dangerous enemy variants (imagire running into a chaos spacemarine patrol) that would make for more exiting gameplay. I dont see us taking down a greater demon or a chaos dreadnought with regular soldiers. but I have no complaints I dreamed of a game like this since I played Vermintide 1.

So, where is the big difference in the intensity of action between our darktide heroes running into a traitor guardsmen patrol and space marines running into a chaos space marine patrol? Sound both about similar exciting to me.
Actually the guardsmen sound more exciting because they have to use cover and the terrain while space marines just start shooting bolters or instantly charge at each other.
Of course, space Marines have a better chance at taking down a demon or chaos dreadnaught, but both are not really neccessary for a good game
I think the role as acting agents of the ordo hereticus gives just so much more variety then playing 4 space marines who are just in every possible way just too similar to each other to make them really interesting


its just with guardsmen the chance of running into a bloodthirster is pretty low and I can only think how cool it would be to fight one in 1st person. or like you said a chaos dreadnaught. but like I said I have no complaints I cant wait for it to come out in fact. when is the release date anyway?

No release date yet, the only thing we know is that it’s coming in 2021. I believe that FS is trying to keep the game in a “space survival horror” kinda genre. Of course, I’m not saying that the game is going to be like Dead Space, but it’s going to have bits of that genre and if we play as Astartes that wouldn’t make much sense, given that we would be unstoppable.

The game is deffo not going to be “survival horror” its a hack n slash FPS set in grim dark.

It will have resource management like vermintide.
FS are saying DT will be different to VT but seeing as the gameplay look near identical an the game has “tide” in its name, i doubt their statement heavily.

I never said it was going to be a survival horror, I said it is going to have some aspects of that genre and that is going to be very different from vt. It’s going to have more moments before hordes where everything is quiet to build up the tension, and the hordes themselves aren’t going to be a big as in vt2. That plus the blackout that can happen makes for more of a survival horror kinda environment.
Of course, it is still a hack n slash, it follows the same formula from vt and, like you said, it is a “tide” game.

Please god no Space Marines, unless we’ll be killing them. I’d love to play an IG squad more interested in protecting their home world then serving the emperor. Having that clash with loyalists trying to purge hives or order and exterminatus would be top tier. It’s so rare to have anti-heroes in 40k, which is weird considering how villainous the ‘heroes’ are, morally speaking. The name Dark Tide sounds so much like a Riddick spinoff that I think I’d be disappointed without some character like him in it. That kind of expendables vibe on a 40k game would be amazingly refreshing. We’ve gotten only tastes of it from a few characters like Sgt Merrick in DoW2 Retribution. I can’t deal with a whole cast of lifeless emperor lapdogs, they need attitudes, wants, and personality.

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Well that’s a new view. I don’t even know what to think about this

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That the female character is probably going to die

Like it, that’s what you gotta think! :smiley:

Space marines are boring, tired of them.

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Old post I’m replying to here, but it holds up across mediums too, books about xenos don’t sell particularly well either, a few authors have confirmed that. People being vocal in the fandom doesn’t really translate to much for GW if they aren’t actually buying products, there’s always been a huge amount of people online who only really engage with wikis and youtube videos.

Might have a point if you were only talking about eldar minis, as there could be less fans due just to them needing more updates than they get, but that’s not the case.

I think you misunderstood my point. My point was that GW should have an online market/data collection research team whose only job is to look at the online community, to see what they’re talking about, what they enjoy reading about on the wikis, what complaints they have, etc etc. to get a clearer picture about what the fandom really wants.
Looking at sales numbers alone will just skew the picture because Imperium is the only side to actually get consistent updates.
Just look at the GW store page, how unbalanced it is, that even the Astartes have more releases than Guardsmen:


If you can’t see anything wrong with this picture, then I don’t know what to say. Even the Ynnari is just dark eldar and craftworld eldar cobbled together, with like 4 original minis.

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Right, but a huge amount of the online community aren’t actual customers. They don’t buy any products, they just consume online material for free. If it was just eldar minis selling worse I might agree they could just be neglecting a big market, but even xenos books sell significantly worse than marine ones do, which has nothing to do with updated mini ranges.

No-one is going “wow I’ve been waiting for a new eldar novel for ages and this one looks promising, but the guardian squad box is kind of old so I’m not gonna buy it” lol. The fact that eldar books are selling poorly is solid proof that the online fandom has a whole lot of very vocal people who aren’t actually willing to spend money on the things they say they want.

There’s zero chance GW doesn’t measure what releases land well in their community, but people who aren’t converting to customers even when you provide products they say they want, aren’t a group you really should care about that much as a company.

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I’m pretty damn sure that they would sell more xenos if xenos received as many updates and books as the Imperium. Sorry, but you’re just flat-out wrong.

SM are the one that sell the most because they are the one that is shown the most, starter packs are usually SM vs something or just SM

Novels about Xenos don’t often sell well because everyone knows that it will not pan out or it will be retconned (Ynary) while some are the best of the BL books (The Necrons)

Obviously they’d sell more, but they wouldn’t sell enough to be worth making over other things, which is why they get way less attention. There’s a limited amount of designers, and making new models is a pretty big investment, you’re not going to throw away money focusing on factions that the customers don’t as a whole actually want.

Pretending GW has no idea what they’re doing and ignoring all evidence that most xenos are just not that popular is silly.

The reason xenos novels/series tend to not keep going or get much attention in the ongoing lore is because they don’t sell well, lol.

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Again, flat out false. Imperium only sells more because they get more updates, more toys and more, well, everything. If you want a consistent chance at victory on the table-top, you need a space marine army to stay competitive.
This is an evil spiral that GW themselves created. They fool themselves by thinking xenos aren’t worth it because they create more stuff for the Imperium, therefore Imperium sells more.

They don’t sell well because they don’t go anywhere and don’t do anything drastic with the lore.
Black Library writers are obviously told to keep it low so that they don’t overshadow their poster boys.
I mean, Psychic Awakening was a chance for them to create an entire novel series following the Eldar doing some cool stuff, but nah, it eventually turned the Imperium into focus again.
Squirm as you might, but GW is a coward when it comes to xeno races.

I have zero idea where you’re getting this from lol, that’s not at all true. I actually can’t find any tournament listings that show marines as dominant, unless you’re counting all good rankings with each marine subfaction as a win for the overall marines, which is just silly for obvious reasons, and still wouldn’t be dominant winrate wise. Death guard are alright, but they’re not marines, they’re another list completely.

If anything most people seem to be concerned about Deldar being OP at the moment. For good reason too, their winrate is like 70%+ at the moment, they’re clearly way overtuned. Marines aren’t really dominant at all.

Iron hands were fairly dominant at a point last ed, but there’s been a bunch of xenos metas as well. The current one is shaping up to be one of the most dominant strats I can recall. For a lot of 8th marines were pretty garbage and still outsold everything by a huge margin.

bro they’re black library books, if you’re not named Guy Haley none of your books are ever allowed to do anything big with the lore.

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