Why not start with all cooldowns?

Bold heroes should start their missions well-rested, right?

It is a bit wierd, that at the start of a level you don’t have your cooldowns at the ready (including activated abilities and some passives, such as death invulnerability of the zealot). It looks like a controversial design: you can just stand there for couple minutes to get all cooldowns with no penalty, so why not just start with them? For careers with long CD it could be really bad to find a difficult fight at the start of a level.
The other issue is hotjoining in the midle of the fight, where not having ability you would probably have othervise could spell doom for you.
And the last thing I don’t understand is that if you get killed and are waiting for rescue, CD would start to tick once you spawned. Meaning that if you have been lying down for a long time you will have it, but if you’ve been rescued immidiatley you will have to wait.
All of this combined makes no sense to me. The only reason (other than just saving development time) for it I can think of is rejoin abuse, but it can’t justify it in my opinion.
So, why we don’t start with all cooldowns?


because you know, at the start of the level, the heroes aren’t pumped up yet, they haven’t got their adrenaline going with kills!

you gotta eat a bit before you can fart


Thats the worst and the best thing ive read so far in the forum.


Well, this topic devolved quickly.

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