Why no soldiers in Brachsenbrücke

I just played the “Fort Brachsenbrücke” mission and after hearing the intro I expected to see imperial soldiers manning the castle, and I really looked forward to it, but i was disappointed. in the fort I only saw shots coming from the towers, but no visible soldiers. Is that on purpose or is it a bug?

I’d really love to see a level with actual friendly ai


still no visible soldiers after one week…

Also hoped for friendly AI in v2, but they didnt say anything about so the seem to avoid it.
I hope there will be something in the new maps, but i seriously doubt that.

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I mean they have the models, and the animations and the AI, I can’t understand why they don’t use it

Yeah also just got that to my mind that they must have the models because say said in the trailer its all ingame footage.

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