Why no any trophies for Chaos Wastes?

As in title, why doesn’t Chaos Wastes have any trophies for completing difficulty level like maps in the base game? (eg. banners in keep, map frames in map menu)
And second: what the point is those shrines in CW hub?

(questions addressed to FS :wink: )


Oh, I know this one! You can plink at that Myrmidia sun medal thing and annoy the living soul out of your lobby mates to the point at which they start hearing evil nameless voices.

Seriously though, I think the use tip says something like ‘Learn about Valaya’ or thereabouts. So there you go - to learn lore stuffs.


Rly? Lol, then it was done terribly primitive. I thought it was an equivalent of banners and it changes with the progress of individual hero achievements… I guess my expectations are too high.


New Kerilian career coming


(unfortunately for FB users only, the same announcement is on Twitter too)

It’d actually be really cool if the shrines upgraded to higher tiers as you succeed the Citadel Expedition on the corresponding character and difficulty, like how the mission select borders in the main campaign upgrade once you beat that level corresponding to which difficulty you did it on.