Why is there no save-state's between clients to 'fix' "host has left"-game resets?

Ah, new day new vermins, new loot and new fun to be had. Make some coffee, start your PC, start Vermintide 2 and hop on to some quick-games. You play merrily hopping along, sipping coffee and murdering everything in sight, game is going good. Nice team-mates, annoying wife at work, left over pizza from last night. You got your books, slaying bosses left and right, you are making jokes with players in you group and then:

Everyone starts running still, and you know it: Host has left the game. Then you wait for the counter telling you that you are connecting to some group members game, map/run is reset and you need to do it all over again.

This morning I’ve played from 9am to 12am, three hours. I’ve had six games where the run/map was 80% or more done and host left resulting in map-reset and group just rage quitting.

Why is there no ‘save points’ on map? We already have these ‘boundaries’ that we cross, where you jump down and cannot go back. Why not add a save-state to these points shared by every client in the game, and when game crashes / host leaves the new “host” just loads the map from that with the grimms and tomes you had when you reached that point?

Having six "host has disconnected"s this morning i’m feeling really bummed out and tbh somewhat cheated. Invested my free morning to get some loot and got nothing but hosts leaving games left and right.

Fatshark, fix this!

There’s tons of player asking for that
And i repeat it again: it’s not that easy in a p2p game, because every player should save every network data that (now) only the host have.
It’s basically a rewrite of the networking code, and with the upcoming dedicated servers i dont’t think they’re gonna do it :slight_smile:

Why would you need to save all of networking data for everyone? To me the progression of the ‘match’ is only about the books collected, maybe saving bombs and potions aswell. But you could let killstats, everything, just reset but keep the tomes and then start the map from ‘last save point’ (which would be the sections of the map where you jump down to start the next).

I don’t understand why all network data would be needed to be saved to achieve this?

Nice to know dedicated servers are in the works :slight_smile:

Too much work. Unless its going to be a part of the dedicated server update I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for it.

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Well, so what? After all, we as clients do not work on it. It is on the producer’s side to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Whether it’s difficult or not.
If there is a need on the part of the customer, the producer should react accordingly.

This has not been true in gaming for years now. If it brings in more money than it costs to make sure, it might happen provided it doesnt interfere with the development of more important features. Dedicated servers are in the works and Im pretty sure dedicated servers trump host migration.

Yea, ok but who cares?

I paid for product and if someone defect some is wrng with him , I expect the manufacturer to repair it. Simple.
I do not really care if it is difficult or easy, it’s not my business.
If the product is not repaired, in the case of the game may be reflected by many negative comments, and poor sales of future DLC.

Solution is simple - take consumers’ attention seriously and start working hard. And yea mabe dedicated servers will be solution on that issue

The problem is that Peer2Peer doesn’t work that way. One player acts as the host that everyone else is connected to. If you didn’t want a reset when the host left everyone’s system has to trade extra information that would completely lag the game and make it near unplayable.
This is why they’re currently working on dedicated servers within the next 2 months so that when someone DOES leave it does not reset the game.

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Well, I care. Sure, if I failed every other game due to migration issues I might be pissed but the way it is now (1 in 20 or 30 on average) Im perfectly willing to wait for dedicated servers without seeing it as much of an issue.

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