Why is there no Diamantine to Plasteel conversion?

For anyone who frequently plays at high difficulty. Plasteel is the only thing that matters. Diamantine consumption is so low and picking any up feels completely pointless. This feels like such a dumb and easily fixable issue. Why even have multiple resources at all if everything just comes back down to one resource to begin with? Particularly if its the more “common” one?


Design intent.

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“dumb and easily fixable issue”

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To be more precise in the issue: every time i look at a diamantine pickup I just feel disappointment and disgust. Any pickup in a game ought to at least have some marginal value, sometimes they aren’t always worth the effort to pick up even though they do have “some” positive value. Diamantine has no value and I am simply filled with disappointment when i find some. Since the introduction of Brunts armory I’m even happy to get dockets now which was a hugely positive change. Diamantine needs to feel good to pick up.

“I opened the box so I guess I’ll pick it up. Wish it was plassteel. Or ammo. Or a medic/ammo crate. Or nothing.”

My thought process everytime I find Diamantine.