Why is there an option to return to title screen if your controller disconnects on Xbox?

This has to be the absolute worst and most annoying thing I’ve ever experienced in any videogame ever. Who thought this was a good idea? I cannot tell you how infuriating it is to be at the very end of a mission, three tomes, two grimoires, just to have my USB cord slightly jiggle a bit, and accidentally leave the goddamn game and get nothing. Why would ANYONE want to return to the main menu if their controller died or change their profile for that matter? Both of those options are both stupid and terrible to have in a screen where 100% of other games just have “Press any button to continue.” Even if there was no notification or pop up that my controller died I’d be happier. If the pop up was exactly the same, but without the option to return to main menu, it would be infinitely better. I hope to god this absolutely pointless option will be changed or removed from the ‘controller disconnected’ pop up.

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