Why is Longshanks back to being a meme?

I’m pretty sure everyone liked Longshanks being combined with the damage reduction stacks. Now that it’s back to just giving 10% movement speed, and is competing with a potential 40% DR, it’s back to not even being a choice.
FS - Please combine Longshanks with the damage reduction stacks again, and give us a viable talent in place of it.
Replacement options: Power on Headshot (already tested and known to be balanced), or CDR on elite/special Kill which aligns with the rows interaction with elites/specials.


Or Body Count! Thus leaving Sure Shot exclusive to this talent. Seems like the perfect compromise to me, allowing Rep gun and Blunder to make better use of WNWN to boot. Only remaining problem is the interaction between sure shot and Maulers, which could be easily fixed in a range of ways, with probably the simplest being to just block sure shot from proccing on maulers entirely.

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