Why invest time in making skins if they go unused?

If I’ve understood correctly, the new Forgotten Relics skins were never supposed to be released in the first place, but found their way to our grubby hands thanks to an unforeseen mistake. Why? To me they seem on par with existing content quality-wise, and 3D artists don’t work for free (at least to my knowledge). In the three years V2 has existed older weapons haven’t gotten any cosmetic updates either, so future updates aren’t a plausible explanation. If certain content is meant to be unobtainable wouldn’t it be more reasonable to delete it from the game files alltogether? With armory sanctioned waving skins in front of drooling playerbase sounds awful lot of pointless teasing.

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Wait til you find out about the 30+ frames that are in the files and never used…


They are being used in the chaos wastes though

Isn’t this wat they said shouldn’t have hapenned?

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