Why I always walk slower than others?

I`ve found that I always walk slower than others
no talent speed boost,no trinket speed boost, no weapon move speed boost…
I just walk slow.why? anyone can explain this?
It bothers me a lot.Since I can only match others speed when I pick 10% movespeed talent.
It is unfair to me
check the fact in this video

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Well this is curious o-o

Curious indeed, you playing with controller?


At this point I’m getting more and more convinced that low FPS and frame rate drops literally slow down your movements. I swear I get this too sometimes and during lagspikes my swings match the FPS while enemy swings seem to speed up.


@FatsharkJulia Have you guys encountered this before?

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Some posts here with similar issues and what worked for them, make sure you’re logged in to Steam to view the second link:


nope, this is different.
I know this bug. It is defenatly different issuse since this one was only slow in lobby
and mine is slow in mission

yeah,I think it must be related too

I find the answer.
Turn off vsync literaly slow you down.

But at the end both my teammate and I turned on vsync,
and I walked slightly faster lol


What in the sigmar name… spaghetti code so hard its ridiculous


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