Why does game crash 10 minutes into every mixer run on xbox1?

Since December’s first update on xbox1 mixer crashes almost like clockwork 10 minutes into a game, usually with one second left on the countdown.
70+attempts, 1 completion.
Can I actually get a response or continue to be ignored?
The game is enjoyable, but mixer is the best part, I’m trying to get other people to play it with me, they love it, then the game crashes and they never play mixer again. That sucks!

We’re investigating the reports with Mixer Mode on XB1.

Thank you :grinning:

If you would like to see examples I can broadcast on mixer under Human Intelect. Spelled just like that with the typo. Will do a run right now, so it will be newest. But it’s the same every time plus or minus a few minutes

Have you made any progress? Mixer has been broken for 2 months, updates on progress seems a fair thing to ask for.

Been 8 days since you said you are looking into issue. Can I get some feedback.
Issue has been a problem since first week of December. Is there a fix coming?
People want mixer mode to work on xbox1.

We’ve got a fix in testing and pending cert by Microsoft. All going well we’re looking to ship it on Monday.

That’s the best news I’ve heard all year, thanks a bunch !! :grinning:

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