Why do I disconnect whenever there's a big horde wave?

I use a hotspot but my ping is 60-80… That shouldn’t be happening
Is the AI network reliant or something?
Never happened (at least that bad if it did) in Vermintide 2
Any way that can be optimized a bit?
I usually get the error “Disconnected from server. nonexisting_channel” but I hit “reconnect” and I’m back in after my team kills the wave

But just before disconnecting when there’s a big horde things seem de-sync’d like there’s too much going on almost for my network and I D/C
I use a 3060 with the game on my M.2 so I know it’s not my PC

I can play a multitude of games with AI online especially with big waves of enemies and I never get disconnected just this game.

Please fix that. I’m not sure why too many AI on my screen causes me to lose connection. I can play a game like Deep Rock Galactic just fine.

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I’ve added this to our database. Thank you for your report!