WHY change the names of rarities?

These are not Warhammer 40k “rarities”. wtf is Transcendent? It’s MASTER-CRAFTED. Change it back.


Yeah, I noticed that too. I miss my ‘Militarum-Issued’ rarities. Why change it at all? Was there really someone complaining about this?

If they were, they’re entitled to their opinion. But it’s wrong.

Rarities should be as follows:

White/Grey: Common
Green: Rare
Blue: Mastercrafted
Purple: Artificer
Orange/Yellow: Relic
Red (if/when it’s introduced): Archeotech

What is this “Redeemed/Anointed/Transcendent” nonsense?

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Redeemed and Anointed would work for:

As it would be weapons for those redeemed/put back in the emperors grace, but not worthy of real gear, thus saving both it and the person.
And anointed as put through the basic holy rites of the admech.