Why are Veteran Sharpshooter penances extremely hard?

Penances for sharpshooter in particular are hard, almost impossible.
I recently did a mission on malice and I blocked throughout the entirety of the mission but it didn’t count solely because at the beginning i got tackled by a mutant.
This also makes my team suffer because they have to protect and wait for me.
I dont get why the main focus of the game is teamwork when penances like ‘on overwatch’ and ‘make every shot count’ contradict what the game is about.

In the launch update they made other penances for other classes significantly easier but not sharpshooter?
i hope they update sharpshooters penances so the drip is actually obtainable!

The best part of them is : doing all these absolutely bad designed penances don’t allow us to look like this :

No Gasmask + googles combo / Ugly chest with ugly pendant / Stupidly big pants with horrible boots…

Imagine making all promotional stuff with a non availlable ingame gear !


Expect it in one of the next premium store refreshes for the low low price of 20 bucks.

I honestly find the sniper challenges among the easiest… You don’t even need to get support from the team (as it is the case with the other classes, for example, as a psyker you need to make sure that allies don’t attack the boss, as a zealot you need to make sure that the team runs the map as fast as possible, as an ogryn you need to make sure that enemy ogryns aren’t killed in order to run down 6 of them…). As a sniper you “only” have to hit 100% of your shots and finish the map without ammo, which is just a skill/management issue that only affects the player per se. I don’t think the challenges need any major changes, they are CHALLENGES afterall, if everyone can do them on the fly and on the first try, what value would they have? None! Then you could also just go straight into offering everything with Ordo coins in the store. Besides, all the other challenges for the shooter aren’t too much of a challenge anyways, most of them even happened " incidentally" for me…

No, they don’t need to. The world does not revolve around you, nor around me, nor around anyone else. No one NEEDS to change anything just because one person doesn’t like it. :kissing_heart:

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You basically said i have a skill issue lol.
I know they are challenges but they are too hard and time consuming for the average player player that just wants to have some drip without paying. :thinking:

The veteran challenges are indeed the easiest and least disruptive to the team.

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It’s not just one person that does not like it.

The Vet has a job to do like everyone else and you cant do your job and earn the penance. If you did earn it in its current condition you either leaned on your team for a carry and blew your ammo on the boss or cheesed it with a fast altf4… or maybe you got it with your ogryn before that patched it out.

Either way its not a mark of achievement more like a dunce cap if you have that skin right now lol so wear your gas mask with pride “Unskinner” I’m sure you earned it right :smiley:

If that’s the case then ALL of the penances are badly designed and need a fast hotfix.

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You’re correct in that they all need reworked! I’m trying to do them all in PUGs, no cheese and here is my personal assessment:

Psyker has the worst penances. Too many of them encourage selfish and detrimental play. Some of them require other players to alter their own gameplay (not hitting bosses, for instance). Playing normally, I still haven’t completed the second tier. There is no way to do Going Out With A Bang without dragging the team down. Mix n’ Match is bugged. I’ve done it at least three times and no credit.

Ogryn probably has the second worst, just by the nature of difficulty. There are also several that require you to put yourself in hairy situations that are detrimental to team play.

Zealot has a couple that are fairly difficult and CAN be detrimental, but overall aren’t too bad. At level 20, I’ve completed all of them up to the tier three penances (haven’t gone into heresy yet) except for the stun a sniper one, because nobody wants to let snipers live that long (understandably).

Veteran was very easy. I had all of the tier two penances done by around level 17 or 18. The only one I have left at level 30 is the one to make every shot count. If I cheesed it, it would be easy, but doing it through normal game play without dragging the team down does make it a little tougher. On Overwatch is also a pain, but mainly because of hounds and their stupid melee AoE pounce thing. It also seems to be bugged. I had to do it three times successfully before I got credit and it was on a run where I didn’t take any damage at all (which didn’t trigger the other penance for not taking damage, ironically).

The “Make it Count” pennance isn’t hard at all and can be achieved while being extremely useful to your team.

Get to level 30. Get a decent Plasma Gun.

I - Personal Preference (I went with Confirmed Kill for this build)
II - Demolition Stockpile ( You won’t be needing the extra damage, and you won’t be shooting non stop to warrant a reload buff, grenades will help you clear hordes if you dont want to use a power sword)
III - Bio - Optic Targetting ( Could go with nade perk but you already have the reliable one from II it’s not a must)
IV - Unwavering Focus (if you have to take a shot exposed you want to be able to sustain damage in order to have the time to line up the shot well)
V - Frag Storm (get the most out of your grenades and increase your horde clearing ability)
VI - The Bigger They Are ( you will be one shotting Crushers & Reapers and any exposed Bulwakrs with charged shots from your Plasma Gun)

Now you can use a power sword but if that is not your thing this build allows you to go with something like a nice Combat axe with power blessings for nice mobility and good elite killing potential. Your grenades will be enough to help your team immensely with horde management.

Depending on how confident you are with your aim you can opt to only go for Ogryns and one shoot them during volley fire or you can even add ragers and maulers to the mix. Anything else is a bit risky since your team might kill it before your shot lands.

Try to move out of coherency when your teamates are about to kill smaller elites to minimize ammo gain and that’s it… pick a mission where the ending has a constant enemy stream because you never know when your aura is going to kick in and give you an extra 5 rounds which you didnt account for so always be ready to fire 1 more shot.

Most pennances, specially those of other classes, lead to very counter-productive playstyles but this one actyally lead me to this build which is very viable and i have been using in premades when i know i have someone who can handle shooter hordes.


Any tips for on overwatch?

Basically blind luck, as counterproductive as that sounds.

I have had several dozen situations where I have almost gotten it through casual playing, but have gotten the magical and fun enemy spawn behind me and get clipped once because I was first hit by something from the sideline to reduce my Toughness under 100 and then the 1 damage bleeds through.

You can also do it by strictly utilising the Stealth Feat, hug a wall and hold onto your Power Sword harder than the Zealot to his faith.

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On Overwatch is frustrating, but one of the easier ones. Really you just need to make good use of Camo Expert.

I did it with a combat knife and a lasgun and just sniped ranged enemies. Dodge and block a lot, pray hounds don’t get near you.

I’ve actually played matches without getting hit once but I wouldn’t get it?
I think the mutants count :upside_down_face:

Yes, and so do Hounds. Thus, the luck matters a great deal to getting it. If you get unfortunate to be in spaces where you have no hope in avoiding the Hound or the Mutant, you fail the challenge.

Hounds and mutants both count as melee if they get you. If your teammates kill them before they cause health damage, you theoretically should be good.

Unfortunately, the hound pounce has an AoE that goes right through toughness if you’re near someone that gets pounced and will ruin your run.

Hope they change it to just common melee enemies and not specials.

Unless you are not running a premade team which knows you are trying to get it i found that On Overwatch was easier to achieve while being in the front rather than in the back.

Reason being that you have more chances your team will pick up anything creeping behind you that way and you have better knowledge of what is where. Many a time i saw a teamate enter a room first and continued on and i entered thinking ok it’s clear only to find out he hadn’t really checked and i got whacked by a scab or walker.

You could stay in the back of course and be constantly looking over your shoulder but then you will have to contend with dogs and mutants much more and if you are not confident about dodging those constantly then you will have issues.

I picked a high mobility melee weapon for this and went with a braced autogun running both reload feats and i fired that thing as if i was in an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie.

Assassination maps are good. So is the Espionage one. The Raid map where you have to disable the Anti Air Guns in the end is also good the ammo grabbing Raid is crap for this so are all strike and disruption maps.

Lets be real though you just got it on your ogryn didnt you lol

Would certainly love having a plasma gun on the Ogryn :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I wanna poke holes into this PoV.
It is kind of required to not get support from the team. Any shot special/elite at the extraction zone equals a fail. You gotta believe in your teammates to not screw you over not exactly as much as some psyker needing to kill a monster on his own, but you still need them to stay put.

I did the challenge, on a low intensity mission with low ammo plasma gun, and still had to do it twice because of that. Weirdly the second time someone, again, killed a special at extraction and I finished the mission with 2 ammo left in the belt, but got the achievement. shrug

Playing with a group, I much prefer the psyker challenges. Controlling your trigger finger to not shoot a monster is much easier than having to call out everything you shoot so no one ends it before you are able to.