Why are dev's simply not responding to AI Director Post

If the title is wrong please give me a link otherwise…

3 possible reasons

  1. Its not a bug and working as intended this is how they make the game difficult after giving us temp health and ways to stack buffs.

  2. They don’t even know because this problem is not on their test servers

  3. It’s a bug that is lower on their priority than more pressing ones such as Power/Cleave/Stagger scaling, and they can’t deal with both at the same time, so this gets put on the back burner.

added after edit. I have been reading as most post as I can from multiple forums, here, steam and reddit. This is an issue that comes up in many threads but I can’t seem to find a single acknowledgement from any dev on this. In one patch they mentioned that they fixed this but it seems to either still be just as bad or worse now, with no comment from devs. I just want to know if they even know about it?

They know. Remember, it’s Easter time right now, no one at FS is currently at work. They’ll return on Tuesday and there’s already a lot for them to work with the 1.0.5 patch and everything, so give them some more time to react.

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So you say its #3 then? My issue is that they have been super quick to respond to other issues (such as Slayer needing love, and 2 handed weapons needing love), but not a single quip about this.

The response to those two have been from a single dev, and one reading the forums in his home, outside work hours at that. He himself stated that much. Iirc, he also works on the combat system, so those things directly concern him. The problems in the Director may be buried deeper in the code, and he doesn’t necessarily have access to that part of the code. And yes, the scaling problem was huge, and getting it fixed was relatively simple, so I guess the third option would be closest.

Be patient.

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