Why am i punished for crashing

when i crash and a bot takes over I shouldn’t be punished for the bots gameplay decisions.
i was in a heresy mission and had taken about 50 damage throughout the entire match. we were in the last horde before the boss and right as it started I crashed, I had 50 ammo in my revolver and near full health .after I got back in I had no grenades, 10 ammo, and 45 health left, and it also used my medkit that I had been saving for the boss.

i get that making bots play well is hard, and not always even possible in the first place, but at least make it so when i crash it gives the bot a base inventory where it can’t access my items/ammo. why should I face punishment for something wholly out of my control, because its one of the most aggravating parts of the game when I play near perfectly for the whole mission then as soon as the reins get handed to your downie bots I get kicked in the throat

At minimum they should hold on to your 3rd slot item regardless what it is. They already do it for grims.

they do it for grims and scrips, but I don’t think the bot has any idea on the actual state of the match as the second the bot takes over it uses your healing/ammo pack. the amount of times I have seen a bot use a heath pack right in front of a 4pip medic station is insane

Bots drop scriptures immediately on spawn, which is annoying if you’re near a drop.

ive never personally seen them do that, but I can imagine that’s the case. idk what kinda ai the bots are using, but it seems like a Bethesda ai x ladders situation where instead of figuring out what to do with items it just checks to see if its not a grim then uses the item